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Jul 22, 2017
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Our History

Manbell became a registered stud in the early 1980's when original females where sourced from Glenall and Tirranna. In the later years females have been purchased from Wombramurra and Kholwha and selected sires have been purchased from various vendors to enhance herd genetics.

Mograni came about in 1996 when two females where transferred from Manbell to pursue a showing interest. This interest has transformed and now the interest is to produce quality cattle to be entered into the Devon industry. Ffemales have been acquired from leading studs and plans are to source more progeny to continually improve our herd.

Devon Cattle in Australia

The Devon cattle breed is one of the oldest in existence, said to be a descendent from the original cattle in Britain. The breed was developed in Devonshire (hence the name) in south western England, where initially used solely for their beef, however where occasionally used as a dual purpose breed and still are today in some parts of America.

It has been suggested that Devon cattle have been in Australia since the late 1700's when the original cattle where imported from Britain other parts of Europe and India , however specific records aren’t made until the 1820’s.Today Devon cattle are spread Australia wide, although the greatest numbers are found around the south-east portion of the country.

Devon cattle are well renowned for the docile nature, high fertility rate, high meat quality and are well adapt to harsh conditions. These quality traits provide exceptional results for the beef industry and can be seen through feedlot trials as pure bred's or provided a notable advantage through cross breeding. Check out the results of the many conducted trials involving Devon cattle.

Feedlot Results

The use of Devon genetics can produce these advantages in any herd, so why not give them a go.

Devon's a breed for the FUTURE.